The “Facebook Likes” and “Twitter Followers” Lie from “Internet Marketing Confidential”

Premise: They claim, “Your popularity on social media is determined by the number of “Likes” you have on Facebook and “Followers” you have on Twitter.” Definition: It seems like every social media site publishes the number of people who “like” or who “follow” you. The idea is that if you have more followers, then you […]

"Interent Marketing Confidential" Debuts in Times Square

Internet Marketing Confidential Book Featured on Times Square Giant Electronic Billboard!!

I was a guest on a #ProfNet #ConnectChat recently. To promote the event, PR Newswire posted the picture of “Internet Marketing Confidential” on their electronic billboard in Times Square! Here’s a link to the transcript of the chat.    


What They “Forgot” to Tell You about “Give Away Your eBook Free”

Is this a good book launch strategy? Riddle me this, Batman, as the Joker said to the thief… Here’s a book marketing strategy told to me: 1.     When you speak and do your book launch, offer your book for free in eBook format. If you do this, zillions of people will get your book for […]


Publishing Scams: Internet Marketing Confidential Author Dan Janal Shows How to Spot Rip Offs for Authors

David Newma

Internet Marketing Expert David Newman Praises “Internet Marketing Confidential”

“Simply put, Internet Marketing Confidential has blown the doors off ALL the dirty little secrets that the scammers don’t want you to know about. If you’re a high-integrity, high-intelligence entrepreneur, speaker, consultant or independent professional, the fact that you’ve come across this book will save you literally thousands – if not tens of thousands – […]


Book launch strategy for “Internet Marketing Confidential”

People have been asking me what my book launch strategy is for “Internet Marketing Confidential: How to Spot the Lies and Scams Internet Marketers use to Rip Off Speakers, Authors, Coaches and Consultants.” I’m flattered, of course that people care! But my strategy will defy conventional wisdom. Of course. You’d expect nothing less from me. […]


Public Speaker Scams: Beware of England Church Scam

Shel Holtz details his experience in tracking down the scam involving a “church” in England that asks speakers to pay an employment fee to speak at their event. This scam has been widely reported in SpeakerNet News as well.


Boston Marathon Scams: Beware of Phony Charity Sites

The Washington Post reports new sites springing up to profit from the horrible tragedy at the Boston Marathon. Read the article to make sure you don’t donate money to phony charities.    

Internet Marketing Confidentail

Who Is the Biggest Liar on the Internet?

There are two kinds of lies: ·      The lies that Internet scammers tell you. This book will expose those con games and set you straight on what’s real and what’s not real. ·      The lies you tell yourself. Those are the worst lies of all. Read this article to find out how to protect yourself […]

Internet Marketing Confidentail

The “Spreadsheet Marketing” Lie from “Internet Marketing Confidential” Book

Here’s the most common lie I heard people tell themselves when I was doing day-to-day publicity for high tech companies. I call it the “spreadsheet marketing lie.” It goes like this: “The widget market is huge. It’s a one-billion dollar industry. If we get 1/10 of 1 percent of that market, we’ll make one million […]